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The DO’s and DON’T’S of buying an engagement ring

Are you coming out in a sweat just at the thought of buying that all important engagement ring? You’re not alone! Here are our top do’s and don’ts on picking the ring of her dreams.

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Think practically – Should your intended have a job very much using their hands, e.g. as a doctor or teacher, some shaped of stone are far more practical than others. Some people get around this problem by having a fancier engagement ring for at home / special occasions, and a practical and traditional ring for day-to day working life. It’s completely up to you.

Get in some Vodka – No, not for you to drink! Believe it or not, Vodka is actually the best way to clean an engagement ring. , pop it into a shot of vodka for a great shine and brush carefully with a soft toothbrush, then dry lightly with a hair dryer or cloth.

Make sure you understand the 4 c’s. Yup this is where you have to do some homework. The 4 c’s (Clarity, cut, colour and carat) are a biy like learning your times table. The knowledge will equip you for life. Start studying now.


Fall for it - If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. We know it sounds simple, but beware of flashy shop surroundings and having undue pressure placed upon you to complete a sale. Lots of jewelers use great lighting in their shops to make the stone look far more brilliant than it actually is. This is probably the most important piece of jewelry you’ll ever buy – take your time and after your research, trust your instincts.

Go it alone - Bring in reinforcements! Yes, we mean her friends or family. Believe it or not, women talk…meaning she has probably told all of her friends and family the sort of ring she ‘would die for.’ Which is good news for you!

Buy the first thing you see - Even if you fall in love with a ring design, there may be a way to buy something similar and stretch your budget further, or you may love something else even more once you’ve had time to shop around. Don’t rush. Getting the ring right is important.

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